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One really is the Loneliest Number!

And now, another post from doubtful_salmon!

Step 1: Locate Cabinet

Step 2: Get plate.

Step 3: Locate bread.

Step 4: Get two pieces of bread and put on plate.

Step 5: Locate JIF crunchy peanut butter.

Step 6: Locate Welch's Strawberry Jam.

Step 7: Locate butter knife.

Step 8: Open peanut butter and spread generously over one slice bread.

Step 9: Lick knife clean. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP.

Step 10: Open jam and spread generously over other slice bread.

Step 11: Add small blob of jelly to center of peanut-buttered slice of bread.

Step 12: Kick camera for going out on you in middle of tutorial.

Step 13: Add small blob of peanut butter to center of jellied slice of bread.

Step 14: Place two slices of bread, jelly and peanut butter sides in, together.

Step 15: Eat.

P.S. This tutorial is also available here.
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