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12:30--After Midnight, We're Gonna Let it All Hang Out

This comes to us courtesy of Aeryn, a bastion of wonderfulness.

How to make paper from your old blue jeans:

Everyone has them. Jeans you loved to death, until they got so many holes that even the punks started laughing at you. So what do you do with them now? After all, you're a little old to use the pieces as Barbie blankets, and too young to use them for re-upholstering your pincushion. Aeryn has your answer!

What you'll need:
Old blue jeans. (This also works with dryer lint and old, used paper.)
An 8 � X 11 inch screen in a wood or metal frame. (Make your own if you can't find
one.) You'll need one for each sheet you intend to make.
Pan, at least 14 X 12 X 3.
Hot water.
Old bath towel.

1. Cut the jeans into the smallest pieces possible.
2. Fill the tub at with at least two inches of hot water.
3. Add the jeans to the water. Stir with your hands.
4. Continue until jeans have fallen apart in the water. It should look like blue, gooey pulp.
5. Slide the screen into the pan and pull it up so that it has a thin layer of "jean pulp" caught in the screen.
6. Set the screen onto the bath towel, jean side up.
7. Apply gentle pressure to the wet pulp with your fingers, being careful not to let it stick to you. (This will cause tears.)
8. Let the screens dry eight hours. (Overnight is simplest.)
9. Remove your paper from the screen. Ta-da!

Want to turn your paper-making into a fun social activity? Gather up a few friends and plenty of screens. Fill a child's toy pool with two inches of water from the hose. (Cold is fine in this case.) Shred newspapers, sale flyers, love mail from colleges, pictures of your ex, IRS forms� whatever strikes your fancy. (You might even want to take the time to write nice letters or "warm fuzzies" about each other. Then, let everyone read them. Shred them- I know that's hard to do- and mix them in. That way, your friendship will, literally, be a part of the paper.) Dump this ungodly amount of shredded paper into the pool and mix with your hands. Feel free to have a paper-glob fight. Set out all your screens to dry while you hang out, then divide the goods!
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