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Ten Little Indians.

Yup. That's right. Simplifying the basic Friendship Bracelet even further.

The great thing is, it still looks nice.

First, pick two strings. Same colour, two different colours, doesn't matter. For this tutorial I used green and black. Mostly because that was all I had.

Cut them about three times the length you want the bracelet to be, then tie them at one end.

Safety pin the knot to something that won't move. I chose my godawful ugly couch.

Now hold the end of the strings between your fingers, and twist. Keep twisting. Keeeep twisting. Until it's wound up quite tightly, which for a long string like this will take quite awhile.

When you've got it all wound up tight, grab it in the middle

and fold it in half.

Now, when you've got it to this point, it's going to want to twist around itself. Let it, but try to do it slowly so that it doesn't tangle. You should get something like this.

Tie off the open end, and cut off the excess string. Now you have a bracelet.

Wasn't that easy?
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